Back to the roots and leap forward

The size of business data bases may continue to increase on a daily basis as a result of decision-making. This information is there for those who need it, for those who want to use it and make better decisions. Not using it would be similar to leaving the tap on wasting water. This fact becomes the starting point for this blog: extracting useful knowledge from data to improve quality of business decision-making. The focus will placed on predicting any target variable that can be of help for business problems. This allows you to go back to the roots, to achieve a deeper knowledge of the problem you are interested in by looking at the data gathered. Different strategies and techniques are available to use data as a solid foundation to leap forward to a better solution to the problem you face every day rather than basing decisions on intuition. All the principles, processes and techniques to do so can be grouped under the name of data science or data mining. More precisely, data-driven decision-making refers to the practice of basing business decisions on data. This practice is the origin of all the works that ultimately will lead to the writing of my PhD thesis and this blog is one of these works. I expect this blog to record the progress of the necessary learning process to finally obtain a piece of interesting research in the area. Relevant information about partial goals achievement will be presented and any suggestion will be welcome. I hope readers to enjoy as much as I do researching and writing about data-driven decision-making.


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